If you’ve done any closings at all, I’ll bet you’ve experienced a client’s heart-felt Thank You when they’ve signed the documents necessary to buy – or sell – their property.  If not, it’s one of the greatest pleasures of our real estate careers.  In fact, the ability to help families purchase a home is very likely one of the driving factors that lead you to this field.
But what she said floored me! Instead of Thank you, or It’s Been Great, or Thanks so much, she took my hand in hers, turned to face me full on, and said “I appreciate you, Mimi.  And I’m grateful for what you’ve done for my family.”
She’s a wonderful person, and it was a lovely and gracious gesture.  And it caused me to realize that Thank You, while a very nice sentiment, lumps the Me together into the What I Did.
When I thank someone for holding an elevator door open so I can squeeze in, too, my Thank You is certainly sincere, but it’s thanking them for what they did – they held the door open and delayed their departure to allow me time to get in, too.  And I’m grateful for that.
When I attempt to brighten the drive-through attendant’s day with a sincere Thank you, I’m acknowledging their service and my appreciation for their help.
But “I appreciate you. And I’m grateful for. . . ” is completely different!  It acknowledges the receiver as a person who did a kind thing, distinct and separate from the What They Did.  The What They Did is recognized, too, but how uncommon it is to be acknowledged as a You as well as a What You Did!
In James Cameron’s movie Avatar the planet’s inhabitants use the phrase “I see you” to recognize and honor the You of each other.  And as yoga classes end, it’s common and courteous to say “Namaste” to recognize and thank the leader and other students for the shared experience of the class.
So as the holiday season approaches, I’d like to share “I appreciate you” with you for just being you!  You are unique and awesome and most likely somewhat flawed because we all are.  And I recognize and celebrate you for being you, in all your perfect imperfections.


Mimi Francis

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