Hi and thanks so much for visiting! I’m Mimi Francis, entrepreneur, owner of multiple real estate businesses, and top-rated, successful Real Estate Agent in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.  My clients call me Real Estate Mimi – and you can too!!  But not so long ago, I was where you may be right now – an overwhelmed new agent struggling to make the money that your family needs to survive, or an agent closing some business but knowing that you can do so much more.  it may feel like everyone is successful except you.  What secret are you missing?  What do they know that you don’t?  And how long can you ask your family to go without while you struggle to make it? I asked myself those questions – until I uncovered the huge knowledge gaps that almost all agents share.  That’s what’s holding you back – so let’s join together to fill in what you need to know!  Real estate is not hard – it just takes your effort and dedication plus our filling those critical gaps in your knowledge for you to become successful, too! So take a moment to register now, or browse our Smart Agent Blog and Smart Agent Resources, and remember Your Future Clients Need You to Succeed Now!  Let’s walk together on your path to real estate success!
Mimi Francis
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