About Mimi Francis

I came to real estate as a second career and as the primary income earner for a family of 5.  I was approaching 50, new to North Carolina, with an infant and 2 daughters in elementary school, and it soon became painfully clear that local corporations felt I was too old and too skilled for their needs.  But I still had 20+ years in which I needed to provide for my family – and real estate looked like the way to do it.
And I have found success through real estate, meeting all my hopes, dreams and wouldn’t-it-be-great-if goals.  I was no Rookie of the Year candidate and I didn’t ‘knock it out of the park’ in my first year – or my second.  In my first year in real estate, I only earned $20,000 which I could have made serving french fries in any number of fast food places.  But within 6 years, I was earning multi six-figure income and I have continued to do so, as well as being named in the Top 1% of real estate agents across the nation.
My goal for SmartAgentAdvice.com and my book The Referral Orchard:7 Simple Steps to Grow Endless Sales is to be the person that I needed, for you.
Please click this link to receive my gift to you – a free PDF of the first 3 chapters of my book, The Referral Orchard:7 Simple Steps to Grow Endless Sales. It’s my “Thank You!” for visiting our site. – SmartAgentAdvice – to support you and each other on your path to Real Estate Success!
Happy Selling!